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Escort Valeri

We haven’t met yet, but you’ve been thinking about me; dreaming of an experience you haven’t yet found. That woman who stands over you in […]

Escort Bruna

We are lifting the lid on one of our best-kept secrets. This pair of wild fillies with their tanned skin and long black and blonde […]

Escort Niya

Hey guys! Are you looking to spend some nice relaxing moments in the company of a young fresh girl who is always aiming to please […]

Escort Lizza

I am a very clean professional escort waiting to satisfy my guests with an extraordinarily services. My name is Lizza and I am 22 . […]

Escort Sarra

I am Independent London Escort Sarra new in the city. ❤️❤️ SEXY ❤️❤️ HORNY❤️❤️ SWEET❤️❤️. I’m a nice, lovely, elegant, charming and always sincere braziliam […]

Escort Lucy

Manchester Escort Lucy   Escort Lucy is a very romantic date keen on a good company, fine wine and jazz music. She is a model-looking […]

Escort Lora

North London Escort Lora My name is Lora, I am sweet, warm, beautiful and friendly independent escort-girl … I am very sexy with a gorgeous […]

Escort Maria

I’m London Escort Maria and thanks you visit my page! I’m London Escort Maria and thanks you visit my page. If you are looking for […]

Escort Lora

I am london Escort Lora. I am a fun loving, laid back perfectionist. I am a nerd who busted out of her shell late, lol. […]

Escort Reese

Hello Gentlemen, my name is Escort Reese! I’m 5’2, down to earth, beautiful and outgoing. I love traveling, eating out, and enjoying the finer things […]

Escort Natasha

I’m London Escort Natasha. I’m an entrepreneur and realtor looking for opportunities of growth and development. I’ve done a few traveling to interested places so […]

Escort Alexis

I’m London Escort alexis. I’M a very assertive kind woman I know what I want, charismatic, witty, outgoing and a great listener. It would be […]

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Lambeth Escort

  Lambeth Escort   Lambeth Escort Girls. I let him leave. Without saying a word to him. After he poured his heart out to me, he’d kissed me once again, before helping me out of the truck and into the house. He left me in my hallway with one final kiss. One more sweep of his lips over my tear-stained ones. Then he turned around and walked out, and I don’t blame him one tiny bit. Frank must sense I’m upset because he’s not left my side, choosing to sit next to my chair all afternoon. I’m still stuck in my head when he jumps up and runs to the door, barking like crazy as he goes. My heart leaps into my throat. Escort came back. I stand, frozen in place, as I wait for the knock. Instead, the door swings open, and a huge figure walks through. When I see it’s not Escort, my heart deflates. Duke takes one look at my face, then drops the duffle he held over his shoulder and rushes toward me. His handsome face twisted in concern for me. Making it to me in a few la…
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Wandsworth Escorts

  Wandsworth Escorts   Wandsworth Escorts. It’s me. I’m stuck in the past. Stuck in the memory of how it felt to be broken by him. The fear of going back to that dark place is what’s holding me back. I’d had to fight so fucking hard to get out of there in one piece. My brain is telling “me I’d be better off not even trying, that it would be easier to never have him back, if it means never losing him again. Despite the silence reaching between us, Keir still holds onto my hand tightly. Like he’s trying to anchor me in place. I lack the courage to speak. By the time we make it back to my house, my nose is stinging as tears burn the backs of my eyes. When he twists the keys to shut the truck off, I can’t look at him. What if he says he doesn’t want to keep trying? His hand finds my chin, cupping my jaw ever so gently. much worse. With his fingers, he turns my face toward his. His eyes swirl with so many emotions as he continues. I want you. I love you and I wan…
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Sexi Wandsworth Escorts Girls

  Sexi Wandsworth Escorts Girls   Sexi Wandsworth Escorts Girls. I’m such a fuck up. Hearing Escort say those words, the words I’ve been fighting to keep in myself, should have been a relief. I love him, and knowing he loves me too? That should have been enough to soothe my fears, but I can’t stop the tumult of thoughts that keep assaulting me. We stay there, both lost in our disappointment, until it’s time for us to leave. Few words have been exchanged but despite the awkwardness, Escort has been his usual affectionate self. The same touches and kisses are still there, but I know he’s confused about my reaction and probably regrets opening up like he did. I hate myself for not saying it back to him. In the truck, heading back home, it’s quiet. As the miles tick by, I know I need to at least try and explain. I don’t know what to say because I don’t understand it myself. I love him, and I never want to be without him again, but Ted was right. I have a knot of…
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